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It Is With LOVE

The following is from a work I titled "From Venus With LOVE." The messages or thoughts came to me during times of meditation over twenty-five years ago, during the early years of my awakening.

Dear One,

Have you forgotten who you are? Has the journey been so long and so far that you have lost touch with your true self?

It is time, then, for letters from "home" - time for the One who knows you best to remind you of your True Essence, Your Source.

This won't necessarily change your circumstances but it should enable you to navigate the course with more confidence and a clearer perspective.

What matters in reading these thoughts is the Love they contain. The words may not always be accurate but they come from the very heart of the Universe, All-That-Is, Divine Love Itself.

As you read, dear One, listen with your heart. Hear not with the mind, but with the soul and spirit. Grasp those things which spark the Life within you.

Be willing to believe in the reality of your True Essence,...

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Breath Awareness

breathe! calm waters stress Feb 18, 2020

A number of years ago I recognized a pattern in my life when I experience stress. The source of that stress is insignificant. My response to stress is predictable and counter-productive. I hold my breath.

Welcome to the human race, Catherine Ann.

It is a very common reaction to the challenges life brings. Shortening or holding the breath sets off one of our natural survival mechanisms. The brain signals the nervous system for more oxygen. The nervous system signals the adrenals to fire which kicks everything into a higher gear so that the breath rate increases, sending oxygen to the brain. The drawback is that, in most situations, I don't need more adrenalin in my body because I am not in any danger. What I need are calming body chemicals so that I can make decisions or let something go and float on the calm waters of Life.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that the problem usually reveals the answer. Since I am shortening and holding my breath, the answer...

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O Creative Breath

I grew up Catholic and am grateful for the sense of awe and mystery that was instilled in me through my religious education. As an adult I chose to explore and embrace the Protestant side of the Christian house and am equally grateful for my experiences there. I am a traveler; I journey through life and the universe of spirituality. I am always seeking deeper and wider meanings to life. My personal expression of the Divine Presence in this world is eclectic and ever-unfolding.

At some point in my journey, I was given a prayer titled "O Creative Breath" and it caused my heart and mind to soar with its beauty and tender expression of Divine Love. This was given to me before the creation of the internet so I was not able to locate its precise source. I had only the name of the translator. I now know this is a compilation of six translations of the "Our Father" from the original Aramaic language that was spoken at the time of Jesus, the Christ.

I will share the compilation...

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Too Much News Makes Me Crazy!!

My mother's best friend asked me one time if I had seen a particularly horrific story in the newspaper. I was shocked that she had read it because I quickly turned the page just seeing the headline. I told her I never read stories like that and she said "You have to!" I asked her why and she responded by saying "You need to know. Don't you want to know?"

My answer? "No, I don't need to know and no, I don't want to know."

That remains my response to this day. If I were to read and watch and listen to what is reported in our world on a regular basis, I think I would lose all hope of the evolution of human beings into higher consciousness. You and I are not being written or talked about, are we?  Nope.

BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN WE AREN'T HERE! It doesn't mean there aren't millions of us evolving, expanding consciousness, becoming love and compassion in human form.

BECAUSE WE ARE HERE! We are expanding consciousness and remembering True Self and learning to manifest our Divinity while in...

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What Am I Creating Today?

For me, conscious creating is about being mindful in the moment rather than controlling how my life will unfold. Because I do not live in isolation, I can see and understand that my interactions with others brings an overlap in our life experiences, even in our karma. My karma is just that: mine. Yet there is family or bloodline karma that I am walking out as well. There is karma resulting from my participation in relationships of all kinds. So, yes there are experiences that come into my life - both blissful and highly uncomfortable - that I have not consciously created. I have agreed to them on some level, however, by entering into partnerships, either personal or professional.

Life has taught me to be very aware of who and what I am bringing into the inner circle of my experience. At times this learning journey has been profoundly painful as well as profoundly beneficial.

This mantra filled my thoughts, my being for an entire day recently:  Om Brahma Namah

Deepak Chopra...

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Releasing Judgement

I periodically travel across the United States to share time with my children and our extended family. It is a joy to share time and love and experiences with those I seldom see. So many unique faces and personalities; so many different levels of awareness. My own awareness level is changing almost daily and I am beginning to recognize how that affects my interactions with others.

I am reminded of biblical passages studied in my years as a bible teacher. In Matthew 13:3-9, Jesus tells the parable of the sower. He speaks of seed falling on different types of soil and what the outcome is of each. The seed is the same; the ground is what is different. The seed represents the truth. The ground represents those hearing the truth. In a later verse (Matthew 11:12) Jesus is quoted as saying "For whoever has, to him shall more be given..." I believe this speaks fundamentally to individual levels of awareness and openness. The more aware and open I am, the more aware and open I will...

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An Open Heart

hope love open heart Jan 14, 2020

Allowing yourself to love and be loved makes life sweet.

Keeping an open heart is a challenge as recent events involving the United States and Iran are unfolding. I remind myself of my own journey when our country came under attack on 9/11. I did not allow myself to watch t.v. until that night because I taught yoga all day. My responsibility to be grounded, present and loving for my students outweighed curiosity and any personal response on my part. In my classes I focused the practice on comforting our own hearts and minds and sending healing light and love to our brokenhearted country and to our world.

That night, when I returned home from my last class, I turned on the television for the first time. I sat down and watched the attacks. Once was enough. My mind wanted to shut down and refuse those images. My heart convulsed within my chest. My body began to wretch and I ran into the bathroom where I experienced a round of projectile vomiting. My entire being was trying to...

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This is an invitation rather than a challenge.

As a child, my father was stationed at Walker AFB, New Mexico (Roswell). And before you wonder, it was well after the UFO's landed so that was not the way I arrived on the planet (though others often doubt that)!  

I remember that my mother and her friends wore dresses or skirts most of the time. My mother had beautiful thick, dark red hair. I was five as I stood near her in our front yard as she chatted with a neighbor. The attention of the woman turned to me. I was an extremely shy and quiet child. My mother never shamed me for that; she simply accepted me. That day, I moved closer to her and stood almost behind her. She silently took the side of her full skirt and wrapped it around me, letting me hide in the folds of her dress. I felt safe.

Over time I learned to come out of my shell, to be social in spite of my innate shyness. I loved meeting people and going new places but it took effort to relax into those...

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Transitional Tornadoes

The only constant in life is change and the dawn of a new year is a good time to look at your awareness level and beliefs about change.

Change can be everything from exhilirating to frightening. It can be dreams come true and it can be nightmares to hopefully avoid. Some people thrive on change, moving through life without ever settling anywhere in particular. Others resist change in any form, wanting everything to remain the same. Most of us live somewhere between those two extremes.

Even when change is desired and planned for, the actual transition can feel like being scooped up by a tornado, tossed around by the wind and then suddenly dropped to the earth. Physically, mentally and emotionally, the energy rages and swirls as we cope with all of the logistics of transition. It is exhausting AND...

It is inevitable. Human beings, by and large, resist this one constant in life. Why? We all want to feel safe and secure and, somewhere along the way, we came to believe that keeping...

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Moon Bride

I picked up the paper in the driveway before sunrise one morning. As I turned back toward the house, I looked to the sky as I always do. The full moon was veiled in soft clouds and I thought of my journal entry from November, 2012.

I had titled it "Moon Bride."

I am a Sky-Watcher and I always have been.

Tonight I turn a corner coming home and look up as I always do. My heart opens. My face smiles and I whisper "Well, hello Moon..."

Still so close to full, shrouded in a pale white cloud, you are even more beautiful so sweetly veiled. The glow of light shining as it cascades across your face, falling like the veil of a blushing bride, to flow into the folds of her gown.

Moon Bride, you touch my very soul with your beauty and your grace.

May you allow Divine Love to touch your very soul with beauty and grace. May you be aware of your own beauty and grace. 


Will you allow Divine Love to grace your Soul? May I walk with you and support your...

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