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What Emanates From Me?

divine love Oct 27, 2020

I wrote this blog originally with close human relationships in mind. As You read it today, I invite you to think clearly in terms of your love of our country, the United States of America, and all Americans. 

The type and level of love I am writing about transcends our differences, whether of race, color, income level, or political party and opinions. 

I love my country and I love Americans - period. NOT because I am so wise or perfect but because I have learned that I do not have to like everyone I love! Are you willing to participate in the healing of our country through wisdom, respect, and the ability to cooperate for the common good? Are you? Because, trust me, what you believe and feel inside WILL emanate from you in spite of what you say or do not say!

(The original blog text):

We have all experienced times when a loved one is in crisis. For many of us, our natural instinct is to help. What can I say or do to make this better? What does my loved one need to...

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bless others Oct 20, 2020

One of the relationship studies I did years ago spoke to the importance of appreciation. We all need to be appreciated. I developed a habit of telling people, especially little children that I met through my job, that I was very glad they were born. I continue to do this and, almost without exception, young or old, they ask me why I'm glad. My answer is always the same, "I am glad you were born so that I could know you because I think you are wonderful!" It is such a joy to see faces light up as they take in those words. When I meet a person who is comfortable with previous life connections, I will say that I am glad they were born into this lifetime so that we could meet again. The response on their part is the same, eyes light up, faces smile, hugs follow.

My father taught me many years ago to appreciate people who give me service, especially because so many people only speak what they are feeling when they have a complaint.  Here are some examples of how I have followed his...

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Walking Meditation Simply Done

god in nature Oct 13, 2020

I just came in from a walk - good for me on so many levels! The obvious one is the physical of course. Mental, emotional, spiritual benefits kick in when I turn my walk into a meditation as well. I have hardly any rules. Actually, the only real rule I have is:  no ear buds for music or phone calls. I carry my phone in case of emergency or, to call a family member when I am winding down and decide to stop in for a visit if possible.

So, how do you do walking meditation. There are as many methods as there are belief systems, ideas, people. This is what I have done on my last few walks.

I do a few simple stretches before leaving home to connect with my breathing and to begin to move energy into my muscles and joints. As I start walking outside, I create a balancing breath that matches my stride, starting slowly with 4 counts on the inhale and 4 counts on the exhale. As my legs warm, I increase speed while keeping my stride rather short if I am wanting to include...

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The Energy Of Expression

How do you manifest and express yourself in the world? Does this manifestation and expression align with your True Nature, your True Self or Soul?

Wisdom suggests that we seek balance throughout our energy system which includes our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual self. The chakra system, taught in yoga and meditation, helps us to understand how energy flows and localizes in the physical body. Balance in the flow of energy is key to the attainment of wholeness, well-being, and higher awareness.

The fifth chakra, at the base of the throat and back of the neck, is the focal point of the energy of self-expression or how we manifest ourselves in the world. The more balanced we are, the more clearly we can manifest True Self. One of Shakespeare's characters declared "The truth will out!" Oh yes, it will. Most of us know that we put on our best behavior when we first meet someone or take a new job. Maintaining that behavior for more than about 8 weeks is rare and totally...

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Equanimity or Chaos?

free to choose Sep 29, 2020

Equanimity is defined in Wikipedia as "... a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind."

Our country is experiencing chaos for a multitude of reasons AND it is an election year! Even those of us normally balanced and clear-minded go in and out of equanimity more than usual. It is time for us to make conscious choices for our own well-being and for the well-being of our country. What will we choose and how will we make that choice? I think many of us see the United States as a country divided. I know I had started to do so. During a Chopra Instructors' meditation yesterday I received clarity and I hope the insight I gained will be of service to you.

I am choosing to seek and help re-create equanimity in my beloved country. I am looking within myself first of course. Am I caring for myself in ways that establish balance and harmony...

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Happy Soul Healthy Ego

open heart open mind Sep 22, 2020

Having been isolated for many months due to the virus and, more recently, the fires and smoke here in California, I have had considerable time to think about relationships and the role they play in my life. How I see myself and feel about myself determines the balance and well-being of all of my relationships. Because I learned this a long time ago, my primary focus during this time has been my relationship with myself.

As human beings, we are often led by our ego and I have come to believe that one of the keys to a good life is a healthy, balanced ego. I have heard it said many times over the years that we have to overcome or do away with ego. This approach never resonated with my soul. 

Please hear me: I do not have all the answers. However, when talking with teachers I know, love, and trust, I am guided to balance and wholeness. Balanced emotions allow me to embrace life with passion while not being ruled by thoughts or emotions. For example, when I experience...

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Divine Love Manifesting

through me! Sep 15, 2020

I believe the title of this blog with all of my being. Does that sound boastful? Perhaps to some but for me it is humbling. It also opens my heart and mind to possibilities beyond what I can envision without knowing and believing that truth.

Does waving my hand when I walk with my mask on communicate the same love that my fully smiling face would if I were mask-free? I asked a stranger that one day as we passed each other on our walks. She said, "If you hadn't waved, I might not have noticed the smile shining out your eyes when we made eye contact!"

So, today I invite you to make this make this your own:

I AM  eternally and unconditionally loved.

I AM eternal and unconditional love manifested in human form.

I AM Divine Love in human form.

I AM a Spiritual Being currently experiencing life in human form.

May the Divine Love that you are, that is Your True Self, shine out your eyes


May I help you shine?

Contact me with questions, appointment requests, or whatever is on...

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Speaking Truth With Love and Compassion

loving respect Sep 08, 2020

On Sunday, September 6, 2020, I watched SuperSoul Sunday, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Her guest was Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani woman who survived being shot in the head by a man in her own country. She was 15 years old when he boarded her school bus with the intention of murdering her. Why? Because she dared to publicly speak her truth.

Her beloved parents taught Malala along with her brothers because they believed that girls had a right to education.  When she began to speak publicly on behalf the rights of all girls, her parents supported her even though they knew there could be consequences. They refused to limit her natural intelligence, gifts, and talents.

Malala's stage is the world - and rightly so. She survived what should have been a fatal head wound. She healed, as people of all faiths around the world fervently prayed for her, and she regained her ability to walk, speak, read, and write. She has published 2 books and travels to countries where...

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Someday ...

contentment happiness Sep 04, 2020

Are you waiting for something to happen that will make you happy? When I was growing up, the books I read and the movies I saw all intimated that life promised a happy ending. I believed it all. I dated in high school but never had a long-term or steady boyfriend. I dated in college but was never pinned or engaged. The illusion began to wear thin. I was married during the Viet Nam War and I loved married life and becoming a mother. It was not the fairy tale ending I assumed from the movies and books. It was hard and I wasn't happy all the time. Aren't I supposed to be happy all the time? I was having a difficult time keeping the illusion alive.

Along the way, I began to understand the difference between happiness and contentment. Today my contentment comes from within, from being at peace with myself and my life in the present moment. It springs from a deep place of knowing my Oneness with Source and With All That Is. It is sweet and enduring even in the face of deep sorrows and...

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The Little Things

i am human Aug 26, 2020

When I put my house on the market a few years ago, I mentally gave myself a year for the full transition to happen because I knew people in my neighborhood that had their houses on the market for six months or more. One week after listing, I accepted an offer and three weeks later I was meeting the moving van at my apartment in another state. It was a lot of work but it all came together. I was settling into my new home.

Yep, there I was, without a doubt or second thought about my decision or my choices. I had yet to learn that fast, and at times, dramatic changes, are unsettling even when it is exactly what I want.

For example, I made up my mind about when to make an appointment to have work done on my car. I am retired and was new in town so there were no commitments keeping me from going to the dealership. I made the decision to have the work done and four or five days later I still hadn't called. Why? Because I was hung up on when to get it done!

As I write...

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