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When You Speak

loving respect Apr 20, 2021

One of the cards in Daniel Levin's box of "Zen Cards" says

Right Speech

Say little.

But when you speak,

utter GENTLE words

that touch the heart.


Express kindness.

Abstain from vanity.

This is The Way.


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Free To Be Me

self awareness Apr 13, 2021

I begin to be free of all that is not me

Letting go the shame

now flowing without aim

Seeking, Searching deep within

releasing the darkest sin

I begin to be free of all that is not me

Old voices may cry within my mind's eye

But True Self's voice now makes each choice

As I begin to be free of all that is not me

Contact me with questions, appointment requests, or whatever is on your mind and heart:   [email protected] Please consider joining my online meditation group

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Kindness Manifests From Within

gentle soul Apr 06, 2021

"Kindness expresses the gentleness of the soul."

This quote is from a meditation series by Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey, titled "Expanding Your Happiness." Deepak Chopra uses it as the centering thought on Day 11 of this series.

When I heard him say this, I was flooded with memories of a little girl living on Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico. She went to a little Catholic school in town from kindergarten halfway through third grade. She was lithe and shy and had dark curly hair and soulful eyes. This little girl felt and understood things she had no words for and she loved easily and openly. Others had a deep and natural inclination to protect her. One of the nuns took her mother aside when she was in first grade and told her that she had been given a very special child to raise. The little girl's mother agreed. The nun went on to say that God had his hand on this child. Years later the mother would tell her teenage daughter how that had frightened her. The teenager...

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Bird Song

god in nature Mar 30, 2021

Early this morning my mind and heart are filled with bird song. I hear them every morning but this morning I am filled with their song. As I open the blind on my kitchen door, the song of mourning doves fills the air. I see two perched on the wall just outside and am enamored by their soft beauty. A few moments later I hear birds in the front and quietly walk toward the large window in my living room. I expect to see a flock of small birds in the bushes but there are just two house wrens on the porch across from me. Two! The male is strutting his stuff as the female watches. Their chatter makes me laugh because it is way bigger than they are! I smile broadly and shake my head. Sweet beings.

Their song chases all thought from my mind and I am immersed in it, not knowing how many different kinds of birds sing, not seeing them, just hearing their presence. Birds just live. They fly, they feed, they sing, they chatter,they breed, they build nests and raise their young. They go...

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Eye Contact

windows to the soul Mar 23, 2021

Are you aware when you make eye contact with someone? Do you really see that person? If it is a stranger, perhaps the cashier at a grocery store or restaurant, do you notice the color of their eyes? Are you aware of their Inner Being or just their outward appearance?

We've all heard it said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is true. In yoga we do eye gazing as part of our practice. For many people it is extremely uncomfortable. For some, it is an opportunity to connect with another without words. You simply soften your face, your eyes and your gaze and look, without interruption, into that person's eyes.

As you stand or sit across from each other in silence, barriers begin to fade and a gentle awareness arises. This is a soul manifesting in a body. This is a Being seeing you through the portals we call eyes. You become aware of your own eyes as portals. You feel the Being, the soul that you are, seeing through the portals of your own eyes. The two of you are allowing...

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The Wee Hours Of The Morning

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. Yep. And that was it for me; not one more moment of sleep after that. Mercy!  That day I rested and felt slightly less fuzzy. Mostly I hoped the hours would pass quickly until I could go to bed.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? Did I have something important on my mind? No. Was there a problem that needed to be solved immediately? No. I just woke up and stayed awake. I used lavender essential oil. I meditated. I rested. Nothing returned me to sleep. At least I have learned not to go crazy when this happens and I am profoundly grateful I do not have to go to work after an early wake-up like that. Been there, done that. I have also learned that, for me, reading or getting up and doing something is counter-productive. It only teaches my body and mind to wake me up every morning at that time.

These experiences have been quite profound in teaching me to go with the flow of life and simply be in the moment. There are times when I drift into a deep and...

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Blessed Karma

you are the gift Mar 09, 2021

At some point I realized that I often thought of karma when someone pulled a fast one. The thought that would come to mind was "Bad karma, you are attracting bad karma." I also realized that I didn't often think or hear anyone say "He/she has the best karma!"

As human beings, many of us have been so conditioned to go to the down side that we see the negative impact of our thoughts or actions rather than count our blessings or see the good that comes to us is in response to our choices! Making a gratitude list is a task to be done rather than something that flows through our hearts and minds as naturally as our breath flows through our bodies.

Many of us have been taught from a very young age not to acknowledge ourselves openly because that is being prideful or arrogant. Is it? Or do pride and arrogance come from a need to overcome a lack of self-love and self-respect? I am sitting at my desk typing this. When I stop and look at my little home, I smile...

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Authentic Expression

wise speech Mar 02, 2021

Many years ago, I was a committed member of a bible study group that offered a great deal of loving support. I was a young military wife and the mother of two toddlers, living in a very remote part of the world. These people were my heart's community. One of the women came to a decision to always speak the truth which sounds noble and wise. She lacked the wisdom and compassion of life experience that brings balance to this choice and her "truth" became a battering ram. It was painful to witness and, even more painful when on the receiving end. When questioned or challenged, her answer was always the same: I'm only telling the truth.

I sit here forty years later and, as I remember those experiences with her, my heart rate increases slightly and I also remember the anxiety and discomfort her truth created. Intense.

I now know that an authentic expression of truth results from balance throughout my energy system. The chakra centers below and above my vehicle of expression, which...

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The Wave Of Oneness

turn within Feb 23, 2021

There is, in meditation, a blessed opportunity to experience and expand into the Oneness of All That Is. When I first sat in silence, I didn't know I was meditating. I was experiencing organized religion and began each day with my "quiet time." There were moments when I felt the Divine Presence so completely that my body seemed to float. It was twenty years before I decided to try meditation. Wasn't I surprised!

Taking yoga and sitting in silence at the end of the practice brought me to a different experience of meditation. My awareness began to expand and more and more often I melted into what I came to call "that sweet place." Still I thought much of this was really outside of me. I was living in the bible belt of the south and, believe me, there were few yoga classes and even fewer enlightened teachers. I met New Agers (love them!) and those learning and following Native American traditions (oh yes, love them too!). I studied it all. People loaned or gave me books by Deepak...

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As Freedom Emerges

awareness Feb 16, 2021

I am grateful for the clear and ongoing guidance I am receiving from medical authorities as glimpses of personal freedom begin to peek out from behind the clouds of this past year. A close friend made this comment when told I had received the first dose of protection against COVID:  "Thank you for being willing to contribute to herd immunity." It had not occurred to me that I was doing that and I didn't know how to respond. She reminded me of the importance of that and I realized she was sincere. I wasn't just doing it for myself; I was contributing to the welfare of others.

I know quite a few people who will refuse the shots and it is, after all, a matter of personal choice. Some will do so because of their past experience with flu shots and others have conditions that don't allow them to receive the shots. Those who believe the entire past year has been a lie or hoax will continue refusing to accept any medical guidance or opportunities for preventative treatment. I may not...

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