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O Creative Breath

I grew up Catholic and am grateful for the sense of awe and mystery that was instilled in me through my religious education. As an adult I chose to explore and embrace the Protestant side of the Christian house and am equally grateful for my experiences there. I am a traveler; I journey through life and the universe of spirituality. I am always seeking deeper and wider meanings to life. My personal expression of the Divine Presence in this world is eclectic and ever-unfolding.

At some point in my journey, I was given a prayer titled "O Creative Breath" and it caused my heart and mind to soar with its beauty and tender expression of Divine Love. This was given to me before the creation of the internet so I was not able to locate its precise source. I had only the name of the translator. I now know this is a compilation of six translations of the "Our Father" from the original Aramaic language that was spoken at the time of Jesus, the Christ.

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