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Too Much News Makes Me Crazy!!

My mother's best friend asked me one time if I had seen a particularly horrific story in the newspaper. I was shocked that she had read it because I quickly turned the page just seeing the headline. I told her I never read stories like that and she said "You have to!" I asked her why and she responded by saying "You need to know. Don't you want to know?"

My answer? "No, I don't need to know and no, I don't want to know."

That remains my response to this day. If I were to read and watch and listen to what is reported in our world on a regular basis, I think I would lose all hope of the evolution of human beings into higher consciousness. You and I are not being written or talked about, are we?  Nope.

BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN WE AREN'T HERE! It doesn't mean there aren't millions of us evolving, expanding consciousness, becoming love and compassion in human form.

BECAUSE WE ARE HERE! We are expanding consciousness and remembering True Self and learning to manifest our Divinity while in...

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