Moon Bride

I picked up the paper in the driveway before sunrise one morning. As I turned back toward the house, I looked to the sky as I always do. The full moon was veiled in soft clouds and I thought of my journal entry from November, 2012.

I had titled it "Moon Bride."

I am a Sky-Watcher and I always have been.

Tonight I turn a corner coming home and look up as I always do. My heart opens. My face smiles and I whisper "Well, hello Moon..."

Still so close to full, shrouded in a pale white cloud, you are even more beautiful so sweetly veiled. The glow of light shining as it cascades across your face, falling like the veil of a blushing bride, to flow into the folds of her gown.

Moon Bride, you touch my very soul with your beauty and your grace.

May you allow Divine Love to touch your very soul with beauty and grace. May you be aware of your own beauty and grace. 


Will you allow Divine Love to grace your Soul? May I walk with you and support your journey? If so, I would love to hear from you. 

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