Releasing Judgement

I periodically travel across the United States to share time with my children and our extended family. It is a joy to share time and love and experiences with those I seldom see. So many unique faces and personalities; so many different levels of awareness. My own awareness level is changing almost daily and I am beginning to recognize how that affects my interactions with others.

I am reminded of biblical passages studied in my years as a bible teacher. In Matthew 13:3-9, Jesus tells the parable of the sower. He speaks of seed falling on different types of soil and what the outcome is of each. The seed is the same; the ground is what is different. The seed represents the truth. The ground represents those hearing the truth. In a later verse (Matthew 11:12) Jesus is quoted as saying "For whoever has, to him shall more be given..." I believe this speaks fundamentally to individual levels of awareness and openness. The more aware and open I am, the more aware and open I will become.

Another passage comes to mind from the gospel of Luke, chapter 12, verse 48, which says "to whom much is given much will be required."  This verse is in the context of understanding. Each person can only live from the level of awareness and understanding that they currently possess.

How does this require and help me to release judgement? Let it begin with me. When my past emerges unbidden, I must evaluate it based on my level of awareness and understanding at that time of my life. This allows compassion to guide me into forgiveness of self and the release of unresolved guilt. When the behavior of others plays out in front of me, this allows me to love people where they are today, understanding that they can only live what they currently know. I cannot live beyond my level of awareness and ability to express love and compassion...and neither can you.

The little children I have spent time with often cannot say what they are feeling and they reach out to each other with hugs and kisses. In those moments I know their ability to simply express love is deeper and higher than mine. If I meet them and ask for a hug, they come into my arms with an openness and trust that I desire in myself. They receive my love without question. They call me to love from the best that is in me and to let them love me from the purity of their souls (The two little ones pictured are me and my big brother💖).

To paraphrase the Christ: to those who have come to higher awareness much is required. To demand that another live from a level of awareness they have yet to acquire lacks love and compassion. How can a person of high awareness lack love and compassion? We are always changing and growing. Some people take in truth through the intellect and then it must make the journey to the heart. During that journey the expression of that truth can become critical or harsh. Once it reaches the heart, it blossoms into the fullness of compassion and that person fully understands how to express that truth.

Others take in truth through the heart and then it must make the journey to the intellect. During that journey the expression of that truth can also be critical or harsh because the person just wants everyone to feel what they feel; they do not yet understand that others are not ready for that truth. The foundation must be in place for understanding to open the heart and the mind. Once this truth reaches their intellect, they know it is more compassionate to give others time to grow.

Recognizing levels of awareness in myself and others has nothing to do with being judgmental. It is a process that allows me to live lovingly with myself and others. It tempers my expectations and shows me love's true path. It sets me free to play! It brings me to my knees to roll on the floor with a five year old, laughing and giggling as our bodies entwine. It opens my heart and my arms to another who struggles with her body's attempt to heal after a surgery that prevents her from being on the floor with us.

When we recognize that someone suffers because they lack the awareness to change what is happening, that very recognition requires that we love them without judgment and give them time to grow into the awareness that will allow them to change. Higher awareness teaches me to love and live from what I know. Rather than insisting that others be where I am, I allow others to live from what they are.

May my mind and heart be open. May I love and live from what I know. May I be a blessing. May your mind and heart be open. May you love and live from what you know. May you be a blessing.

I just want to be loved right where I am today, don't you? I really am doing the best I can, aren't you? 

Keeping an open heart is a challenge. My heart is open to you. Let me know what you need🙏

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